The Italian Bubble Butt Bonanza

Men have different fetishes! Some are into big boobs and some are into tight ass. I do admit that I have a butt fetish. I just get wild seeing girls with big butt. I also got some friends who share the same fetish as I do. So we always go together on weekends for a bubble butt bonanza. We watch all sorts of butt videos and share the latest one we have. This include porn stars who are famous for their butt such as Flower Tucci, Lauren Phoenix, Brianna Love and the mature ass of Tiffany Mynx. Damn, Tiffany is really a pro when it comes to butt fucking. I got all her butt videos and her comeback has made me lover her more.

I was on vacation in Italy for a month and I met this girl there who looked like Tiffany. I was just 25 then and this girl was already 40, but still have a firm, rounded ass. Her name was Alessandra and she was the widowed neighbor of my grandpa. She asked for my help in teaching her E nglish so I always go there every day to teach her and in return she gave me pleasure. She satisfied my butt fetish, but the sad thing about this is that this is just temporary. How I was I can just be with her all the time, but my grandpa would kill me once he finds out about it.

I introduced her to American porn and showed her the bubble butt bonanza I have downloaded on the net since I have my laptop with me. She was open-minded and allowed me to do everything you can see on the porn vids from fucking, squeezing, slapping and licking. This was the most unforgettable vacation I ever had. I can’t wait to go back there next summer and have a taste of Alessandra’s hot ass.

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