Shake and Slap That Black Butt

Here comes the bootyman and I am ready to slap that black butt! I enjoy seeing butt shaking every time I go in clubs. Some people consider me a gigolo and I am proud to be one. I always get the girls I want using my charm because I have to admit that I am not that good looking. I just have that sex appeal that makes girls want me more.
I guess being the only boy in the family makes me understand women more and thus know how to please them. I am also known to be a smooth talker and can get any black butt I want in an instant without them feeling all used up. One night with these ebony girls is one night in heaven for them. I give them the pleasure they want and long for. Some women even get obsessed with me, but I always tell them I am single for life. So they opt for being just a fuck buddy.

I think that fucking is the best butt workout. I actually don’t workout, but all the sex has made me become fit. All the pumping and thrusting really tones my butt. Every time I would walk up to a girl and ask if they want a butt workout with me, they never let me down.

Slapping a girl’s butt, if done the right way, can really turn the girls on. Make sure that you don’t hit it hard. One way of getting a girl in a club is by dancing with them and I have to say I am the king of the dance floor. Once she does some butt shaking, I tap it a little and give it a nice squeeze which would catch her attention. She would eventually turn around and I would smile and wink at her then starting gyrating my body closer to her. After some steamy dancing, comes some bed shaking. That’s a perfect night for me.

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